#FemaleFursuiterMonth Makes for a Warm and Fuzzy March

Stagboy_Faunte's #FursuiterFemaleMonth tweet
Source: Twitter

Fursuiter @SunTattooWolf has declared March to be #FemaleFursuiterMonth, and Twitter has seen a steady stream of posts by proud and happy women suiters posting selfies in and out of suit to express their love for the hobby. Common sentiments include…

“Here’s my #FemaleFursuiterMonth because after 6-7 years people are still surprised to learn I’m female :P”

“I’ve enjoyed the #femalefursuitermonth posts. The diversity behind the masks and performance is awesome to see”

“Still new to the fursuit scene, but #FemaleFursuiterMonth has been so inspiring! I want to contribute to the fun (and make more suits!)”

“I had someone mention ‘Why should #FemaleFursuiterMonth exist?’ The owl mascot and I am the only women in this photo. That’s why.”

“#FemaleFursuiterMonth has shown me just how often I assume it’s a guy under there. Hope to join these ranks one day!”

This is the second year for the hashtag, which also received attention from Rune’s Furry Blog and other sources. SunTattooWolf explains, “What got me to start it was the Women’s History month. I wanted to show appreciation to Female fursuiters just the same as Women’s History month.” She also wanted to make a point of including trans women, “to show that we’re female no matter what. So, femalefursuiter month brings a diversity, which I am happy to see.”