Furry Fandom Addresses Bullying Incident

Tiger fursuit

Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, Nevada was almost ruined for one young furry this weekend, but convention staff and the community came together to make sure she was welcomed and supported.

As reported by the victim’s mother, a 10-year old tiger named Emma was waiting for a group photo shoot in her costume when one or two adults in mouse fursuits (accounts vary) started bullying her. She was upset and left BLFC in tears with her mother, saying she never wanted to be a furry and didn’t want to ever return to the convention.

Tweet trying to stop the misinformation about the mouse fursuiters
Tweet trying to stop the misinformation about the mouse fursuiters

The matter was reported to BLFC staff, who responded by pulling the badge of an attendee identified in the incident. Word of the event spread rapidly via social media, which also led to other attendees in mouse fursuits being mistakenly connected to the incident. BLFC tweeted on Sunday: “In regards to the situation with several attendees having harassed a minor, all parties have been properly dealt with. We ask that ALL attendees be respectful towards one another and to report any bad behavior to staff immediate[ly]. Thank you.”

Standing proud with Emma Tiger

Several people at the convention sent encouraging messages to the young tiger and convinced her to return to the convention the following day. They staged another photo shoot so she could be included, and she has received many messages of welcome and support and pieces of artwork.

The matter appears to have been resolved to the family’s satisfaction. Emma’s mother posted on Twitter:

The situation has been handled thanks to @BiggestLittleFC, FLARE, and the wonderful community, the situation has been settled. The individual has had their badge pulled after a positive ID by Emma.

Again, Thank you so much everyone. To see this much support is truly overwhelming as my BF and I just wanted Emma to have a good time and be a part of the fandom that she loves. My BF was the one that asked for help Friday night, and he was just hoping to make a small video … to try and show Emma that the there were more people in the community that are good loving people than one bully and that she shouldn’t let the actions of one person stop her from what she truly loves. …

We were honestly just so blown away and overwhelmed that even trying to write this I am still in a daze of confusion and confusing emotions. We truly appreciate everything everyone has done to make my daughter smile again. When she got up Sat morning and wanted to return with us to BLFC, and to wear her tail and tiger hat with a smile, we were overjoyed just to see her smile when we came back today and started having fun like nothing had happened.

We love this community and to see let alone receive so much love and support from the community… just.. Thank you, thank you all so very much. Never change, keep loving and caring.