Art Spot: Podloga by Fukari

Podloga by Fukari, via DeviantArt
Podloga by Fukari, via DeviantArt

Back in the Yerf! days, one of the recurring issues that people loved to talk about at length was that so much of furry art didn’t show anyone actually doing anything. And twenty(!?) years later, it’s still a thing. People want portraits of their fursonas, and that’s fine, but for me, the best furry art is about catching a moment, and expressing the character through that moment, and this piece really shines at it. Her happy grin and his one open eye, the fully-realized background, even the shoes tossed in the corner really bring you into the scene and give you a sense of these two BFFs and what they’re like.

Stellar work!

-The Gneech

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