When Cons Go Bad: Dealing with a Disappointing Convention

At least your convention will never be as disappointing as Dashcon.

When you’ve gone to enough conventions, you’re bound to have an experience that just doesn’t live up to the hype. Maybe you don’t know anyone or no one is asking for commissions. Then to make matters worse, everyone around you is gushing about the ‘GREATEST CON EVAR’ while you’re sitting alone drowning your sorrows in a cold pizza from the cafe. It’s the sad reality, and sometimes can’t be helped. But often it can!

We here at ProudToBeAFurry.org prefer to look on the bright side of things, but sometimes looking for the positive first involves dealing with the negative. So over  a few articles, we will be going over conventions that can go bad– not just attending, but also disappointing experiences that artists and dealers might have. But we’ll also tell you how to avoid them, and what you can do to improve your con-going experience!

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Photos from FurTheMore 2017

FurTheMore 2017 was the fifth year for this convention, and it’s grown to over 1,000 attendees! Here are some photos from the convention at the Tysons Corner, Virginia, Sheraton.

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#FemaleFursuiterMonth Makes for a Warm and Fuzzy March

Stagboy_Faunte's #FursuiterFemaleMonth tweet
Source: Twitter

Fursuiter @SunTattooWolf has declared March to be #FemaleFursuiterMonth, and Twitter has seen a steady stream of posts by proud and happy women suiters posting selfies in and out of suit to express their love for the hobby. Common sentiments include…

“Here’s my #FemaleFursuiterMonth because after 6-7 years people are still surprised to learn I’m female :P”

“I’ve enjoyed the #femalefursuitermonth posts. The diversity behind the masks and performance is awesome to see”

“Still new to the fursuit scene, but #FemaleFursuiterMonth has been so inspiring! I want to contribute to the fun (and make more suits!)”

“I had someone mention ‘Why should #FemaleFursuiterMonth exist?’ The owl mascot and I am the only women in this photo. That’s why.”

“#FemaleFursuiterMonth has shown me just how often I assume it’s a guy under there. Hope to join these ranks one day!”

This is the second year for the hashtag, which also received attention from Rune’s Furry Blog and other sources. SunTattooWolf explains, “What got me to start it was the Women’s History month. I wanted to show appreciation to Female fursuiters just the same as Women’s History month.” She also wanted to make a point of including trans women, “to show that we’re female no matter what. So, femalefursuiter month brings a diversity, which I am happy to see.”

Furries and Bowling

Courtney, Self-Proclaimed Princess of the Furries
Via Courtney, Self-Proclaimed Princess of the Furries

The kitschy charm of Fursuit Bowling is one of those “two great things that taste great together” things, and if you have the opportunity to experience a furry bowling meetup, I highly recommend it. Recently, an older Tumblr post on the blog “Bullshit Mountain” has been updated and is making the rounds again, as seen on Xydexx’s Tumblr:

From the original post and its immediate comments…


so after posting this i found out that this is a thing that occurs monthly at this particular bowling alley because since this post BLEW RIGHT THE HELL UP and a few people found me and invited me to come back sometime?!?! this month’s furbowl (those are things, they’re called furbowls) happened to be last saturday and i was working a 12-hour closing shift that day but i showed up at the end of the night while they were already in the middle of the big group shot outside and they were about to disperse but i sprinted over asking them to hold still for just another second so i could get a picture and one of them screamed “YOU CAME BACK!!!!!!!” [sic]

…and a followup comment from user theotherguysride

Like okay. I’ve got something to say about these people.

These people are /fucking rad/.

Furries get a harsh rep. Furries get stomped a lot in social media, in TV, as a subculture pushed to the very fringes. Because people don’t understand, don’t want to understand them. They are Other and therefore not to be trusted.

Fuck that noise. When I was in one of the shittiest parts of my life, the local Furry community that my (now ex, she was one of the crazy ones) girlfriend was a part of PULLED OUT THE STOPS to make me feel welcome, gave me shelter and food when I needed it, and saved my fucking life. I found myself more than once being greeted with cheers and laughter and inclusion, even though I myself am not a furry.

Stories like this though? I love. Because here is someone who clearly isn’t a Furry, but still gets to see and /display/ that utterly welcoming side of them. Every furry I have ever met has been inclusive, kind, and if not decent, then at least not evil for evils sake.

Damn, now I wish I had a furbowl in my area to show up to and talk to people with.

I’ve had some really bad conversations at work with some people, one of them a lady who came in tipsy and trapped me behind the register talking about her last hotel, apparently near a furcon. I wanted so badly to explain it, but I was at work., Ugh. I couldn’t say that those people are amazing and rad and creative, and so what. Humanity is overrated sometimes.

Do not fear the Other, when the Other so clearly wants you to be a part of it in a way that is safe, sane, and comfortable.

These are the kinds of things that make us proud to be furries. Keep it up, everyone! Be out there, be visible, and be awesome.

-The Gneech