Send Us Your News!

Not a writer yourself, but have an event or newsworthy item you’d like to pass along to us? Or a request for a topic you’d like to see us tackle? We’d love to hear from you! Send us an e-mail at with the relevant information and/or links. Note: Suggestions for the Art Spot (including your own pictures) are welcome, but please do not send more than one per month!

Write For Us! is always looking for new and diverse voices who’d like to report on, comment on, or produce creative works within the furry fandom. We are particularly interested in stories that highlight the best in furry, from high levels of artistic or creative work, to furries helping each other and their community.

Our current rate of pay for blog posts is $0.04 per word, to a maximum of $50 per post, purchasing non-exclusive posting rights in perpetuity (which is to say, we can leave the post up on the site as long as there’s a site to leave it on), with special consideration for options such as first printing rights, exclusivity, or other exceptional feature items.

To become a contributor, please send an e-mail to telling us:

  1. Your real name, preferred handle, and best e-mail to reach you.
  2. Which part(s) of the furry fandom you’re involved in, to give us an idea of what sort of subjects you’re best suited to cover.
  3. Your post idea(s)! Specifically the format (essay, article, interview, etc.) and any art/graphics requirements it may have.
  4. Links to 2-5 relevant writing samples. Essays, reviews, news articles and so forth, even if they’re not directly furry, are fine. No fiction, please.

Please be patient! We often have many submissions, and only a few over-worked and under-appreciated editors. We will do our best to respond to all queries in a reasonable time frame. If you do not receive a response after four weeks, send a follow-up to make sure it didn’t get lost in the shuffle.

What Are We Looking For?

We’re looking primarily for short (1,000-2,000 word) articles, news stories, or other items relevant to our topic, to wit: what makes the furry fandom awesome, and why we love being part of it. Potential topics include:

  • Friends and Furrydom. Many of us have personal stories of finding friends/support in the furry community. What’s yours?
  • Furries in the Community. From charity auctions to fursuiting groups visiting local hospitals, furries are an amazing, giving group. We want this to be recognized!
  • Art, Creativity, and Expression. Furry art, fursuits and cosplay, furry writing… all these and more are practiced in the furry fandom at a high level of excellence. Help us find and showcase these amazing talents!

What Aren’t We Looking For?

There are a few topics that have been discussed plenty of times (and probably better) by other sources, or that simply aren’t what we’re looking to cover here. Please think twice before sending us:

  • What is “Furry”? This question has been covered in detail elsewhere. Readers coming to our blog already know (or at least have an inkling) what furry is, we want to talk about why it’s awesome! This blog takes a “big tent” view of the furry fandom and is not interested in splitting hairs about what should or shouldn’t be included.
  • “In Defense of the Fandom.” One could argue that this entire blog is written “in defense of the fandom,” but that’s not really what we’re about. Furry has had its share of detractors or harmful stereotypes thrown at us, of course. But highlighting those, even to combat them, simply gives them more airtime. We already know that furry is a positive fandom. Write about what makes it so, not about what other people may say against it.
  • “Adult” Material. Our blog is intended to be SFW. That doesn’t mean that we will never talk about adult subjects, but we will be careful in how and when we approach them. The Oh Joy Sex Toy webcomic has addressed the furry community occasionally, for instance, and such coverage might be an item of interest for the blog, but it would require extra editorial review.