Albert Temple Memorial Planned

Ryan Dewalt post on FurAffinity about the Albert Temple memorial.
Ryan Dewalt posted to his journal on FurAffinity:

I have been in contact with his family, there is a memorial service for Online Friends that is being planned for end of April. No specific date/time/location has been given yet. I’m looking to put together a potential Interest count, of friends who intend to definitely attend.

Location: Oakland, California suburb, somewhere between Richmond/Vallejo/Concord.

I do NOT have a specific date, time, or location. Just “End of April”

Please let me know (in Note or e-mail (rdewalt @ gmail .com) ) your interest.


Albert Temple, Creator of “Gene Catlow,” Passes Away

Gene Catlow, Vol 1 Cover
Image Source: FurPlanet

Ryan Dewalt reports on FurAffinity that Albert Temple, creator of the long-running and popular furry webcomic Gene Catlow, has passed away at 59 due to natural causes.

Gene Catlow began in 2000 and covered a wide variety of topics including race (“species”) relations, tech humor, and Albert’s particular humble and loving approach to the world.

Albert’s messages of love, tolerance, and good humor in the face of adversity will be sorely missed.